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Use it as a bathroom decoration or for gentle exfoliation.

Felted Soap is a bar of soap that has been covered in raw wool and hand needle felted that helps to gently exfoliate your skin and make the soap last longer, replacing a washcloth or loofah in the shower.  Wool not only creates a beautiful design, but is also a natural antibacterial, foams better, prevents the soap from rotting and allows thorough cleaning off dirt.

The hydrophobic properties of wool will also allow the soap water to drain away after each use, keeping the soap clean and dry until next use.The felt also shrinks along with the soap while you use it. The original felted bag can be re-used after the soap disappears. Simply cut a small opening in the wool, and insert a new bar of soap or salt scrubs. Lathering it under water will help for the wool to stick to the new soap.

They are perfect gifts for yourself or your closest friends!
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