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Melodi , Handmade Crochet Doll

Melodi , Handmade Crochet Doll

$60.00 Regular Price
$54.00Sale Price

Meet Melodi a handmade crochet doll with extreme attention to detail and are fit for all ages.


She is also an emotional support doll (empathy doll).

Empathy Dolls enable children to explore their feelings in a non-threatening way giving the key person in their lives/supporting practitioner opportunity to 'tune in' to the child's emotional state of mind and providing time for the child to be listened to.

This is also why Melodi not have mouths. That way, whatever your child is feeling, the dolls are feeling too. She is also limited release doll, which means once she is sold out... She is gone for good!


Approx height: 10 inches
✰ %100 organic 
✰ Healty to use for kids
✰ Hand wash at 30 degrees
✰ No harmful chemicals



  • Care & Love Instruction:

    If your doll gets dirty, wash by spot cleaning with a soft cloth and a little wool friendly soap. Make sure to run up and down with the crochet pattern. Rinse well.
    You may also give your doll a quick soak in a sink filled with cool water and wool friendly soap. Squeeze out the excess by blotting in a towel, and leave out to dry.

Earn 5 rewards points per $1 spent.

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