Borek (also börek or burek) is a family of baked or fried filled pastries made of a thin flaky dough known as yufka (or phyllo). It can be filled with cheese, often feta, sirene or kasar; minced meat, or vegetables. Most probably invented in what is now Modern Turkey, in the Anatolian Provinces of the Ottoman Empire in its early era, to become a popular element of Ottoman cuisine. A borek may be prepared in a large pan and cut into portions after baking, or as individual pastries. The top of the börek is often sprinkled with sesame seeds. Borek is also very popular in the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire, especially in North Africa and throughout the Balkans.


Turkish Borek


They are crispy savory baked goods and a delicious part of healthy Mediterranean diet. Savory pastry made with layers of flaky phillo dough, stuffed with Feta Cheese, Potato OR Spinach and rolled to perfection.  They not only make great Appetizers but also are very nutritious and filling as main course as well .Just warm it up and serve.

NOTE: Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy